Achievements are a feature of Garden Paws where you get rewarded for various progress milestones. Many achievements are long-term goals that are unlocked naturally through gameplay. A list of achievements and the player's progress toward them can be viewed under the Achievements tab in the player's inventory.

In-Game Achievements List[edit | edit source]

Below is the in-game list of obtainable achievements. Please note that you will not be able to see some of the achievements in-game until you have unlocked them.

You can check the Achievements tab to keep track of your progress. 

Many of these achievements correspond to and sync with their Steam versions.

Image Achievement Description Rewards
Open for Business.png Open for business! First time player opens shop. None
RichAchievement.png Rich! Earn 100,000 Coins Red Gold Dragon Skin.png
Rolling in Coins.png Rolling in Coins! Earn 500,000 Coins Gold Dragon Skin.png
My First Million.png My First Million! Earn 1,000,000 Coins None
Mature chicken.png Mature chicken Matured your first chicken None
Chick Magnet.png Chick Magnet Raise 25 chicks None
Chick Master.png Chick Master Raise 100 chicks Chicken.png
5% spawn chance
Freelancing.png Freelancing! Completed your first order from the bulletin board None
Bunny Tamer.png Bunny Tamer You're a friend to all bunnies. Tame 50. None
Legendary Bunny Tamer.png Legendary Bunny Tamer You're a friend to all bunnies. Tame 100. Bunny White.png
5% spawn chance
All The Bunnies.png All The Bunnies! You're a friend to all bunnies. Tame 250. None
BeetleAchievement.png Beetle Tame 1 Beetles None
The Beetles.png The Beetles Tame 50 Beetles None
Beetle Mania.png Beetle Mania Tame 100 Beetles Beetle Gold.png
5% spawn chance
Feather Collector.png Feather Collector Collect 100 Feathers Angel Wings.png
Feather Fever.png Feather Fever! Collect 500 Feathers None
All the feathers.png All the feathers! Collect 1000 Feathers None
Wish Upon a Star.png Wish Upon a Star Collect a Fallen Star None
Starry Night.png Starry Night Collect 50 Fallen Stars None
Star Lord.png Star Lord Collect 100 Fallen Stars None
Pooptastic.png Poop-tastic Collect 100 Poop Dung Beetle Habitat.png
Something Smells.png Something Smells Collect 500 Poop None
Bath Time.png Bath Time Collect 1000 Poop None
A Foxy Friend.png A Foxy Fried Tame your first fox! None
Foxcelent Tamer.png Foxcelent Tamer Tame 25 foxes Kitsune Fox.png
15% spawn chance
Foxy Master.png Foxy Master Tame 100 foxes Legendary Kitsune Fox.png
1% spawn chance
Unferretable.png Un-ferret-able Tame your first ferret! None
Fisher.png Fisher Catch 25 Fish None
Fishing Away.png Fishing Away Catch 100 Fish None
Fishing Master.png Fishing Master Catch 250 Fish None
Questing.png Questing Complete 50 Quests None
Quest Lord.png Quest Lord Complete 100 Quests None
Quest Master.png Quest Master Complete 250 Quests None
Gatherer.png Gatherer Gather 100 Wild Flowers None
Flower Collector.png Flower Collector Gather 500 Wild Flowers None
Master Gatherer.png Master Gatherer Gather 1000 Wild Flowers None
Farmer.png Farmer Grow 100 Plants None
Fine Farmer.png Fine Farmer Grow 500 Plants None
Fantastic Farmer.png Fantastic Farmer Grow 1000 Plants None
Good Business.png Good Business Earn 1000 Coin in a day None
Business is Booming.png Business is Booming Earn 5000 Coin in a day None
Business Master.png Business Master Earn 10,000 Coin in a day None
Business Guru.png Business Guru Earn 25,000 Coin in a day None
Business Savvy.png Business Savvy Earn 50,000 Coin in a day None
Easter Egg Collector.png Easter Egg Collector Collect 20 Easter Eggs None

Unlisted Achievements[edit | edit source]

Certain achievements are not listed anywhere in game, but still give rewards to the player for completing certain criteria.

Achievement Requirement Rewards
Passing Out

Pass out at 00:00 with zero energy
Note: Grants the skin for the current character base (species) only. There is one Galaxy skin for each base except the Horse, 9 in total.

Galaxy Skin.png
Fern Collector Collect 250x Plant Fiber
(Unlocks for all character bases at once.)
Leafy Skin.png

Daily Stats[edit | edit source]

In addition to achievement goals, the player can keep track of their progress in other areas. At the end of every day, a "Daily Stats" screen will show, listing number tallies of what the player has accomplished that day. The categories are:

Daily Stats Sheet SS.png
Stats sheet behind the Mayor's house

  • Items Sold
  • Gold earned
  • Gold spent
  • Chests found
  • Seeds planted
  • Crops watered
  • Farm crops harvested
  • Wild crops harvested
  • Quests completed
  • Animals fed

The player can check these stats in game by looking at the paper pinned to the back of Mayor Wilson's house at the start of the game, then behind the Town Hall once it is built.

Player Stats Example.png
"Player Stats" Example

The pop up lists "Player Stats", which include the above stats for the current day, as well as overall totals for the lifetime of the current character. Additional totals in the 'overall' list are:

  • Animals matured
  • Fish Caught (actual fish caught while fishing)
  • Reeled In (total items caught, including trash)

There are no particular rewards for advancing these tallies beyond what's already listed in the above achievements table. The stats are mainly for those players who like to keep track of what they've accomplished over time.

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