The Animal Sanctuary is a facility on Kozita run by Aviana. It is located in the center of the main island.

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Warning! The following section(s) may contain spoilers for players who haven't progressed very far into the game yet. Proceed with caution.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Animal Sanctuary is intended as a haven for various animals where they can roam free in zoo-style habitats without fences.

Aviana talks about starting the Animal Sanctuary with other paws, but being unsuccessful with finishing the exhibits. The player is tasked with completing those habitats with animals and items.

Each sanctuary exhibit features one type of animal.

Sanctuary Boxes[edit | edit source]

In order to build a sanctuary, the player must gather and place certain items inside boxes set up beside each exhibit space. There are 6 such boxes scattered around the center of the island.

The following are the required items for each box, and the rewards for completing them.

Type Required Items Reward
50xHoney.png 50xSunflower.png 50xBlueberry.png 50xRaspberry.png 2xBear.png Polar Bear
Polar Bear.png
Bunny White.png
2xBunny White.png 2xBunny Brown.png 5xVeggie Basket.png 10xCarrot.png 10xTall Grass.png Bunny Table, Bunny Chair
 1xBunny Table.png 2xBunny Chair.png
50xRed Mushroom.png 50xBlue Mushroom.png 50xPurple Mushroom.png 50xWool.png 2xFerret.png Grey Ferret
2xGrey Ferret.png
2xFox.png 10xClown Fish.png 10xRoyal Blue Fish.png 10xSpotted Fish.png 10xGold Dipped Molly Fish.png Legendary Night Fox
Legendary Night Fox.png
1xBirch Tree Sapling.png 4xDeer.png 50xTall Grass.png 1xVeggie Basket.png 20xBlueberry.png Elk
Deer Elk.png
Black Penguin.png
50xStone.png 1xBlack Penguin.png 1xBlue Penguin.png 1xSmall Black Penguin.png 1xPink Penguin.png Galaxy Penguin
Galaxy Penguin.png
1xHorse Stable.png 1xDrying Table.png 1xHorse.png 1xHorse White.png 50xHay.png Pegasus

Note: The grayed out icon for Tall Grass is very similar to the icon for Hay. However only the Horse Sanctuary requires Hay. The Bunny and Deer ones need Tall Grass. If you place Hay in those slots and it "accepts" the Hay, you will not get the reward and you will need to revert to a previous save to get the Hay back and try again.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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