The Antique set is a collection of 5 items mentioned in the quest "Pieces of the Past II". They consist of a Coin, Chalice, Vase, Scroll, and Book.

One of each is required to complete the "Pieces of the Past" Museum collection, which rewards a Copper Sprinkler and its blueprint.


All 5 Antique items can be found in the Ruins Area on top of the hill, within the boundaries of the ruined building.

The Antique Coin is on the rim of the fountain

Antique Coin Location

The Antique Chalice is on the arm of the throne

Antique Chalice Location

The Antique Vase is on the ground beside the large bird bath in the west corner

Antique Vase Location

The Antique Scroll is on the ground in front of the bookshelf near the Ferret in the east corner

Antique Scroll Location

The Antique Book is on the ground in front of the bookshelf along the north wall to the right of the entrance

Antique Book Location

Turning grass off in settings or removing some of the ferns in the area may make the items on the ground easier to spot.


Other than requiring 1 of each item for the Pieces of the Past collection, the Antique items have no other use.

They respawn a day or two after they are collected, but there is no reason to collect more than one set, because they cannot be sold in the Shop or Discount Bin. Despite them having a sell price, placing them on a shop table will cause customers to bunch up around it, and they will not take anything from the table.

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