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Apiary is a habitat for Bottled Bees, and is a passive method for producing Honey.


The Apiary blueprint must be purchased from the Furniture Blueprint Seller before one can be crafted.


An Apiary has 6 slots for Bottled Bees, and requires at least 2x Bottled Bees in order to start producing Honey the next day. A working Apiary will have bees flying around it.

2x Bottled Bees produce 1x Honey per day. The maximum is 6x Bottled Bees, for a total of 3x Honey per day per Apiary.

Bees will not produce Honeycomb while in the Apiary.


The Apiary can hold a maximum of 50x Honey (1 full stack) that the bees produce. After reaching that amount, the Apiary will stop producing Honey entirely, and you will lose out on future production if you don't empty the slot first.

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