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Assistant is a generic character that can step in and run the player's shop for the day, taking a 20% cut of the final profits.[1]

Their animal base and skin changes every day.


The Assistant is one of the first characters the player can speak to when visiting the Town of Florens for the first time.

They are located next to the Special Orders Board in town, directly in front of the cave.

Hiring an Assistant[]

After completing the quest "Need some help?", a shop assistant can be hired two ways:

  1. Interacting with the sign next to the Assistant character's stall in town
  2. Interacting with the sign added behind the shop register after the player buys the Assistant Upgrade from the Upgrade Table


The Assistant's fee will always be 20% of the day's profits (e.g. if the shop earns 100 coins for the day, the assistant will receive 20 coins and the player will receive 80).

The exact amount of the total fee will vary depending on the total profit for that day.


  1. As of update 1.4.2a, the Assistant's cut was decreased from 30% to 20%, now making it more profitable than the highest Discount Bin upgrade.

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