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Axe is a tool used to cut down bushes and trees.


A Stone Axe is craftable from the Quick Crafting Menu at the start of a new game.

Blueprints are required to unlock crafting recipes for Silver and Gold Axes. Beltran begins offering the blueprints after the player completes "Strong Silver Tools" and "Twig Trees" respectively.

Damage Comparison[]

There are 3 types of Axe strengths: Stone, Silver, and Gold.

  • Stone Axe does 1 damage
  • Silver Axe does 2 damage
  • Gold Axe does 3 damage

Depending on the type of axe you are using, the number of swings required will vary.

  • Example: A tree that needs 9 swings (costing 1 energy each) to be chopped down with a Stone Axe will only require 5 with a Silver Axe and 3 with a Gold Axe.

Cosmetic Axes[]

Once the player has access to Cosmo and the Cosmetic Tool Shop, a variety of decorative Axes will become available to purchase. A Cosmetic Axe has the same stats as a Gold Axe.