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Baby Dragon is the intermediate phase for a maturing Dragon.

The only way to obtain one is to hatch it from a Dragon Egg in a Hatchery.

Raising Baby Dragons[]

Once a Baby Dragon is hatched, it needs to be tended to for 24 consecutive days to allow it to mature into an adult Dragon.

While it can be kept in the Hatchery, it no longer requires it for further maturing. It can safely be taken out and placed in a Forest Habitat, or on an Animal Display or Crystal Paw.


Tending to a Baby Dragon means giving it what it asks for that day (the text prompt when standing next to it) so that its mood changes to happy.

Like other baby animals, a Baby Dragon's mood can be seen by opening the habitat it's in and checking the yellow face. Also the heart above the Baby Dragon will only fill up if it is happy, meaning that day's request is fulfilled.

Requests can be one of 3 combinations:

  • Cuddling only
  • Feeding it Dragon Fruit only
  • Cuddling and feeding it Dragon Fruit

Giving it the proper attention will move its progress bar forward for the day.

Known Issues[]

Dark Dragons and Fairy Dragons currently cannot be placed in a Forest Habitat.

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