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Barn refers to the static structure on the player's farm that serves as a decorative building and habitat for animals. There is also a craftable version that can be moved around.


The player must complete the Barn Questline, which begins with Mr. Mooney's quest "A Barn for Cattle" and ends with "Building the Barn" from Frank.


The Barn on the player's farm can be used to raise or display farm animals. By interacting with the sign in front, the player can place up to 3 animals in the slots, which will then appear in the world inside the enclosure.

Initially the Barn has 3 slots for animals. It can be upgraded twice for a maximum of 9 slots.

The following animals can be placed, tamed, or raised in a Barn:

Once they are in a Barn, animals can be renamed at any time.

Drying Table[]

Drying Table

The Barn comes with a Drying Table, which can found within the fenced area. The table has 3 slots for items. Tall Grass placed in the slots will turn into Hay the next morning.

Soggy Paper caught while Fishing can be turned into Paper using the same process.

Note: There is a craftable item Drying Rack which performs the same function. The Drying Table is part of the barn structure and cannot be picked up or moved.

Craftable Barn[]

Barn Habitat Blueprint

On Winter 1, Year 1, the player receives a letter containing Blueprints for craftable versions of the Barn Habitat and Drying Rack. (This happens whether or not the Barn has been purchased from the Upgrade Table.)

The craftable habitat can be used to more easily tame wild animals, since it can be placed directly next to them instead of having to lead them across the island to the main Barn.


There was an earlier version of the barn without the red paint:
Barn 1.png

Beetle Black.png Known Bugs[]

  • Sometimes animals in a Barn will seem to "disappear". This is only a visual glitch. Taking one of the animals out and putting them back should make them visible again.

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