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Basic Fertilizer is a crafting material and a single-use tool for farming.

Crafting Fertilizer[]

When crafted by hand, 2x Poop and 2x Wheat yields 1x Basic Fertilizer.

Using the Compost Bin, 5x Poop and 1x Wheat yields 5x Basic Fertilizer.

The Compost Bin is much more efficient, especially for full stacks:

Crafting Menu: 50xPoop.png + 50xWheat.png = 25xBasic Fertilizer.png
Compost Bin: 50xPoop.png + 10xWheat.png = 50xBasic Fertilizer.png



Using Basic Fertilizer on tilled soil or a planter before planting a crop gives a 40% chance of receiving 1x seed back when harvesting that plant. The fertilizer must be added to the soil before planting the seed, and must be reapplied after every harvest.

Fertilized soil does not affect the yield of a plant (how many you get when harvesting), only the possibility of a seed.

Bundling Seeds[]

Basic Fertilizer is required to create seed bundles at the Seed Bundle Station. Planting a crop using a Seed Bundle guarantees 1x seed back on harvest. 1x Basic Fertilizer and 4x seeds create 1x Seed Bundle of that plant.

Note: Planting a Seed Bundle in fertilized soil does not increases the chance of getting more than 1 seed by 40%. The bonuses do not stack.


Basic Fertilizer is used to craft the following items:


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