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Beehive is a harvestable item that produces honey.

There is a wild version that can only be harvested, and a crafted version that can be placed as furniture.

Wild Locations[]

Four wild Beehives can be found on the Outer Islands in Florens:

There are also four on Kozita:

  • 1 on the Main Island
  • 2 on Max's Island
  • 1 in the Mountain Region at the center of the Oasis


Beehives as placeable items can be obtained by:


Beehives can be harvested daily to obtain Honey, or a more rare Honeycomb. Harvesting a Beehive does not use energy.

  • A regular beehive can be harvested once per day.
  • Beehives with bees flying around them can be harvested twice[1].

Bees flying next to Beehives can be caught with a Bottle to create Bottled Bee.


  1. This only works while on Florens. Beehives with bees can only be harvested once per day on Kozita.

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