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Birch Tree is a tree variety that yields a different kind of wood when chopped down.

They are not native to Florens and must be grown by the player, but they can be found in the wild on Kozita, in the Mountain Region.

Finding Saplings[]

In order to grow a Birch Tree, you need a Birch Tree Sapling, which can be found as a chance drop from a Butterfly Garden or Seed Mystery Box, or purchased directly from Bruce for Coin Icon.png 1,000 coins.


Once planted, a Birch Tree takes 3 days to become a fully grown tree. The tree needs to be watered until maturity.


Mature birch trees can be cut down for Birch Wood and rare resources. Wild Birch Trees take 3 days to respawn, but home grown ones must be replanted from saplings.

Approximate drop rates based off chopping down 540 Birch Trees:

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