NoxiousNoxy NoxiousNoxy 13 April

Noxy's Garden Paws Mods

If you leave the dungeon with relics in your inventory they will disappear. Make sure you craft them into activated relics before you leave.

Also remember that it is safer to open the activated relic once you are in the dungeon, just in case it doesn't give you a relic.

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Arynaria Arynaria 23 September 2020

What I'm working on 2.0

Last update: 02:24, September 23, 2020 (UTC)

I considered adding to the last post, but so much has changed since then.

Soooo, since May, here's what I've been up to:

New pages:

  • Emotes, Settings, New Player FAQ, Multiplayer Mode, and Creative Mode, as well as individual creative items.
  • Kozita, Kozita's residents, the Animal Sanctuary, new items, quests, and Herb's various shop upgrades
  • Moved Outer Islands to a new page with a bit more details and images
  • New Downloads page added with desktop wallpaper and mobile backgrounds, featuring some of the best in-game screenshots I could find.
  • A few Disambiguation pages where needed
  • New Vehicles page
  • New Player FAQ and Sandbox added
  • New page for Modding, to eventually link to a separate wiki just for GP mods


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Arynaria Arynaria 29 May 2020

What I'm working on

Last update: 04:15, May 30, 2020 (UTC)

I've been zigzagging all over the place with edits and additions, so I figured I'd make a combo to-do list and 'in progress' log of some kind.

  • Redid the whole dang Detailed Map, complete with icons for everything and the kitchen sink
  • New/redone pages:
    • Created dedicated page for Storage
    • Overhauled entire pages for Upgrade Table, Furniture Items, Mounts, Fishing, and many Workstations
    • Added missing pages for Sierra's Shop, Summer Festival, and Winter Festival
    • Split off Animals (as a list) and Habitats from Raising Animals (as a guide), which was getting way too long to be user-friendly
    • New page for the Tractor, with instructions how to use it (as if anyone will actually bother)
  • Infobox related:
    • Consolidated oddly…

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OldNBored OldNBored 1 May 2020

Technical: Scrolling tables and lazy loading

First, I am not anything like an expert in HTML or Javascript. My background is programming, like c, java, and python. For HTML and JS, I mostly copy what I've seen and fake my way beyond that...

So it's not too surprising that I've run into an issue over at Wooden Pole. I need some help.

I added a long table there. No header; each row contains an image in column 1 and an article link in column 2.

Because it's a looong table, I surrounded it with a <div style="overflow-y:scroll; height:350px">. This works as I expected, except...

When you scroll the table, the images don't appear after a given point. The first several (21 for me) rows are fine. After that, the images don't get loaded. The funny thing is, when I use the preview feature in the ed…

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Mistaspiffy Mistaspiffy 19 October 2019

fRIST Blog

this is a good game :)

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Redmouseroxy Redmouseroxy 19 October 2019


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Hashbrownns Hashbrownns 3 April 2019

Wiki Corner

Thinking of probably having a wiki editting section somewhere. Likely would move the "Animals" tab under the "Islands" tab for more space. Then again, probably maybe the community corner would be best.

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