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Blue Mystery Box is a loot crate the player can open to receive a random item.


Blue Mystery Boxes can be obtained by using a Wand to pop Bubbles that appear in the world over water.

They can also be caught while Fishing[1]. A shaded icon of the box will sometimes appear as you fish, sometimes right before the fish appears. Click the box to collect it before grabbing the fish. If the fish is caught first, the chance to grab the box disappears.

Mystery Items[]

A wide range of different types of items can be obtained from a Blue Mystery Box. Some of the more frequent categories of items include:

Rarer categories might include:

This is not an exhaustive list, since new additions to the game can potentially be included in the random pool of items.


  1. Blue Mystery Boxes have been obtainable through Fishing as of update 1.3.8.