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Blue Tulip is a plant available during Winter.



Blue Tulips can be obtained in a variety of ways:

  • Gathered in the wild during Winter.
  • Grown by the player from Blue Tulip seeds by planting them in tilled soil or a planter and watering them.


  • Blue Tulip Seeds can be purchased from Penny or found as a drop while gathering wild or player-grown Blue Tulip.
  • Harvesting Blue Tulip planted using Basic Fertilizer or with a Blue Tulip Seed Bundle will guarantee at least 1 seed back along with the plant.
  • They take 2 days to grow and produce 3 Blue Tulip.



The Blue Tulip Bouquet blueprint is only unlocked after completing the quest "Sunflowers for Everyone II" for Elizabeth. They are crafted on the Flower Workbench using 5x Blue Tulip and 1x Paper.

Blue Tulip Bouquets sell for Coin Icon.png 9 more than their materials (including Paper).

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