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Bottle is a crafting material.


It can be crafted 2 different ways from the Quick Crafting Menu:

Opening a Message in a Bottle returns 1x Bottle along with the Treasure Map Fragment.


Bottles are required to craft or obtain the following items:

Alpaca FiberAmethystAquamarineBee NestBirch WoodBirch Wooden BoardBottleCitrineCoalCopper BarCopper OreCrystal GeodeDelicate FurDiamondDuck FeatherEmeraldFeatherFlintGeodeGlassGold BarGold OreGarnetGold PoopHayLarge Wooden BoardMallard FeatherMarbleMystic QuartzOld BottlePaperPlant FiberPoopQuartzRainbow PoopRopeRubySandSapphireSilver BarSilver OreSnowballStardustStoneTall GrassWoodWooden PoleWooden BoardWool