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Bottled Butterfly is an item that can be used both in a Butterfly Garden and worn as an accessory.


A Bottled Butterfly is obtained by capturing a wild butterfly in a Bottle.[1] Butterflies can be found all over the Main Island and Outer Islands.

Walk up to a butterfly while holding a Bottle in the active hotbar slot. When you are close enough, a text prompt will appear. Press "E" to catch it.[2]


  • Bottled Butterflies can be placed in a Butterfly Garden, where they will produce seeds.
  • 2x Bottled Butterflies produce 1x random seed per day, up to a maximum of 6 bottles and 3 seeds per garden per day.
  • A Bottled Butterfly can be equipped as an accessory when placed in the Face slot of the Inventory. A butterfly will appear and flit around the player's head.


There are 21 types of Bottled Butterfly. They are all called "Bottled Butterfly" in game, but they stack according to type:



  1. Since Bottles can be crafted for free from Old Bottles (found on the beach or while Fishing), selling them is a 100% profit.
  2. Butterflies can be tricky to catch because they fly so erratically. Instead of jumping around or gliding, one tip is to build Wooden Platforms right in the path of the butterfly. Then you can just wait for it to come to you.