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Breeding is one of the ways to obtain new animals, as well as animals in rare colors.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Passion Fruit Tree Full.png

A new questline will become available as soon as the player meets Bruce, introducing a new tree to Florens: the Passion Tree.

Once you have the Passion Tree, you will be able to work with Frank to build a Breeding Pen and with Poppy to create new breeding treats at a Treat Station. These breeding treats are the key to collecting new colourful alpacas, cats, chickens, cows, and sheep (other animals will be included in future updates).

Breeding Pen[edit | edit source]

Place two adult animals of the same species in a Breeding Pen along with the treat for that species. If they can be bred, hearts will start coming out of the chimney of the Breeding Pen and they will start producing a baby.

Specific breeding times vary depending on species, but after a few days you'll have a new animal to raise.

New Animal Colors[edit | edit source]

If you're lucky, your new baby animal will be in a unique colour. Possible colours are chosen from a range, so it is possible to get an animal in a color other than the original dye set.

Animals you breed will have a significantly higher sell price in your shop once they have matured.

  • Currently only the regular animal price appears when placing a bred animal on a shop table (assuming the Sell Price Book upgrade is purchased), but they will still sell for the higher price.

They do not count toward taming achievements, however they can be turned in for quests that require the original animal.

Breedable Animals[edit | edit source]

As of February 2021, the following animals can be bred:

Animal ListTaming and RaisingBreedingFeed TroughHabitatsMountsAnimal Sanctuary
AlpacaArctic FoxBaby AlpacaBaby BunnyBaby CatBaby DragonBaby GoatBaby Snowy OwlBaby TortoiseBaby Dog
Baby FoxBearBig BunnyBig ChickenBig PenguinBunnyCalfCaped CatCatChickChickenCowDeerDogDragonDragon EggDuckDucklingDung BeetleElephantElkFerretFoalFoxGalaxy PenguinGhost CatGoatGrey Ferret
HedgehogHippoHorseKitsune FoxLambLegendary BeetleLegendary KitsuneLegendary Night FoxMallard DuckMallard DucklingMountain GoatPegasusPenguinPigPigletPolar BearSheepSkeleton HorseSkunkSnowy OwlSnowy Owl EggStone FoxTortoiseTortoise EggUnicorn
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