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Breeding Pen is a special habitat used to breed animals.


The player will receive 1x Breeding Pen as a reward for completing Frank's quest "Treat your Pets".

It will not be craftable until purchasing the blueprint from the Furniture Blueprint Seller.


To use the Breeding Pen, place two of the same animal inside, along with their respective treat. If the animals can be bred, hearts will begin coming out of the chimney.

After 3 in-game days, the hearts will stop and a randomly-colored baby animal will appear in the pen, which can be taken out and placed in its respective habitat to begin raising it.

Adult animals can be left inside the Breeding Pen indefinitely, but a baby animal must be removed in order to begin another round of breeding with a new treat.

Displaying Other Animals[]

Most animals can be placed inside the Breeding Pen to display them, but breeding will be unavailable if they are not the same animal or the animal type is not breedable yet.


As of version 1.4.5, only Cats, Chickens, and Sheep are breedable, but more will be introduced in future updates.

Beetle Black.png Known Bugs[]

Saving the game using the save button from the Paws Menu may interrupt the breeding process and reset the Breeding Pen's progress bar. While breeding your animals, make sure to save the game by sleeping instead.

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