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The Bulletin Board, also known as the Special Orders Board, provides the player with side quests that can be done for extra coins.


The introductory quest "Bulletin Board!" must be completed in order to unlock the use of the board.

Using the Bulletin Board[]

To use the Bulletin Board, walk up to it and activate it. A window will pop up showing a quest from a random NPC, listing what they're looking for and how much they will pay.

Quests are typically for 5 or 10 of a random early-game flower. The following are the most commonly requested:

You should stock up on extras of those flowers if you plan to do a lot of Bulletin Board quests.

Bulletin Board Quest List[]

There are only actually a handful of different Bulletin Board quests. They repeat over time, with only the item requested and the client names changing:

Further Daily Quests[]

Later in the game you will gain access to the Bulk Order Board, which has different quests asking for a much wider variety of items.

Common Issues[]

  • A quest to deliver to a character you haven't met yet:
    The names are pulled randomly from the full town roster, so it's bound to happen if you are slow to upgrade the town. If you don't abandon the quest, the name will change to another NPC after 3 in-game days.
  • A new quest on the board even though you completed that day's quest already:
    There are 2 reasons this might happen:
  1. You didn't actually complete that day's quest, but had a quest left over from a previous day that you completed. The "new quest" mark on the board will not appear if you are on a previous day's Bulletin Board quest. It's possible that you didn't know you had the quest, because Bulletin Board quests are a bit buggy and don't always show up on the list in the upper right. Check your quest log (L) to see if you have anything pending.
  2. You just returned from visiting another island in the same in-game day. Returning from another island reloads many aspects of the Main Island, much like exiting to the menu and coming back. If you already completed the daily quest before going to the other island, the Bulletin Board will refresh as if you never took the quest. However it will be the same quest you already completed, asking for the same items. So it's possible to go back and forth between the islands and keep repeating the same quest over and over for coins, but that would probably get pretty boring.