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Bunnies are tameable, breedable animals.

They come in several default colors, but a greater variety can be obtained via Breeding.


In the Wild[]

Only White, Brown, and B&W Bunnies can be found in the wild:

  • 8 bunnies (5 white and 3 brown) can be found in the Duck Pond Region
  • 2 white bunnies are near the bottom of the southernmost waterfall in the Waterfall Region
  • 2 white, 2 black & white, and 1 brown bunny can be found on the main island of Kozita
  • 2 black & white bunnies can be found in the Mountain Region of Kozita

For specific locations, see Detailed Map and Kozita Detailed Map.


Wild Bunnies can be tamed by feeding them Carrots consecutively for 7 days and leading them to a Bunny Habitat.

They can be named once they enter the habitat for the first time. Naming the bunny completes the taming process. They can be renamed once they are in a habitat.

Bunnies in habitats have a random chance of dropping poop, golden poop or delicate fur each morning.

Taming 100x Bunnies will unlock the chance for the legendary Big Bunny to spawn somewhere in the Outer Islands each morning.

Breeding & Raising[]

To breed Bunnies:

Baby Bunnies must be fed Carrots for 7 days to mature into adults.

Prizes and Rewards[]


The following achievements involve bunnies:

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