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The Butterfly Garden is a habitat for Bottled Butterflies.


The Butterfly Garden is not craftable until completing Elizabeth's quest "Butterfly Garden", which makes the blueprint available to purchase at the Furniture Blueprint Seller.

However there is a rare chance the player can win a Butterfly Garden in one of the Summer or Winter Festival minigames.


A Butterfly Garden has 6 slots for Bottled Butterflies. It requires at least 2x Bottled Butterflies in order to start producing seeds.

2x Bottled Butterflies produce 1x random seed per day. The maximum is 6x Bottled Butterflies, for a total of 3x seeds per day per Butterfly Garden.

A functioning Butterfly Garden will have butterflies flying around it.


A "full" Butterfly Garden

Once at least 2 Bottled Butterflies are placed, the garden will begin dropping items starting the next day. Drops can include the following:

  1. Plant and Flower Seeds
  2. Seed Bundles
  3. Fruit Tree Seeds
  4. Dungeon plants or Dungeon Flower Seeds
  5. One of the following items:

There is a chance the Butterfly Garden will drop seeds for plants the player has not discovered yet, such as rare flowers or Dungeon plants.

"Filtering" Seeds[]

There are 14 slots for seed drops. If all those slots are filled, the garden will continue to drop daily items, but will only collect those matching stacks already in its inventory. Any new seeds will be lost. So if a full garden doesn't seem to be collecting anything new, that just means the garden has been "dropping" seeds that are different from the existing stacks.

This can be used to ensure you only collect the seeds you actually want. As long as you keep the slots filled with at least one of the seeds you want (they must be produced by the garden itself first), only those items will continue to be added to the stacks, and new unwanted seeds will be "filtered" out.

Beetle Black.png Known Bugs[]

  • Using Auto Deposit (F) on a Butterfly Garden causes any items in your inventory that match items in the Butterfly Garden, such as Bottled Butterflies or uncollected seed stacks, to disappear from your inventory instead of adding to the stack inside.
  • Trying to Auto Deposit with 1 or more empty bottle slots in a Butterfly Garden will place an entire stack of Bottled Butterflies from your inventory into a single slot instead of 1 per slot. The stack may not be retrievable without restoring a saved game.


  1. Tree Saplings are a chance drop, but they currently cannot be planted and have no use other than the quest "Deliver Saplings".

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