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A Calf is the baby version of the Cow.


Calves can be bought from Jacob on Mr. Mooney's farm.

Calves are sometimes awarded to the player for completing certain quests, can be won from festival games, and are a possible drop from the Animal Mystery Box or Animal Mystery Bag.


You can only raise a Calf into a Cow once you have purchased the Barn upgrade.

Place it in a Barn and feed it 1x Hay for 14 days. It can also be fed passively when in range of a Feed Trough containing Hay.

If a Calf is not fed, it will stay in its non-mature phase.

A Calf can be placed in the pet slot of the player's inventory (bottom slot with a paw print), which will cause it to appear in the world and follow the player as long as it remains in the slot.

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