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Campfire Grill is a workstation that can turn caught raw fish[1] into energy-restoring grilled fish.


With the fish of choice in the active hotbar slot[2], pressing E next to a Campfire Grill will place it on the grill. Continue pressing E to place more of the same fish, up to a stack of 50.

The grill does not require any source of fuel to work, and will cook fish automatically.

After some time in-game, the stack of fish will turn into a stack of one of 5 types of grilled fish, depending on the original fish inserted (see table below).


All non-rare fish that can be caught with a Fishing Pole can be dried. Currently there are no dried versions of Jellyfish or Shellfish.

Raw Grilled Energy Sell Price
Small Fish.png Grilled Small Fish.png 5Energy Infoicon.png Coin Icon.png 75
Blue Snapper.pngRed Snapper.pngFish.pngGold Fish.png Grilled Fish.png 10Energy Infoicon.png Coin Icon.png 100
Silver Belly Molly.pngGold Dust Molly.png   Grilled Fish.png[3] 5Energy Infoicon.png Coin Icon.png 150
Bright Damsel.png Grilled Damsel.png 20Energy Infoicon.png Coin Icon.png 140
Yellow Angel Fish.png Grilled Angel Fish.png 20Energy Infoicon.png Coin Icon.png 250

Guppy sells Grilled Damsel and Grilled Angel Fish inside the Inn.


  1. At the moment there are no in-game drying recipes for Gold Dipped Molly Fish, Clown Fish, Royal Blue Fish, or Spotted Fish.
  2. If the player does not have fish in hand, the grill will not be interactable.
  3. Grilled Molly shares an in-game icon with Grilled Fish, but they are different items with different prices.