Chest Location

Chests are randomly-generated chests that can appear scattered around islands, all containing a specific array of items. These items can be plants, clothing, and skins. These chests can provide an alternative means of attaining these type of items.

Chest MapEdit

The following is a map that takes note of all reported chest locations:

Chest Map Main Island

Map LegendEdit

Legend Icon



Flat Chest Icon Flat Chest is located on a flat surface, and will be easy to spot or stumble into.
Under Chest Icon Under Chest is located below inside a cave, or under something (such as a rock).
Above Chest Icon Above Chest is located above ground, such as on top of a hill or cliff-side.

How To UseEdit

In order to use the map properly, the map will need to be enlarged. Simply clicking on it should give a decent view of the image in a pop-up. A well sized view of the image can be seen by clicking the small "see full size image" link that appears on the top left of the image pop-up.


  • Chests will not always spawn in the same location the next day once a player opens them
  • Chests marked on the map will not appear all at once
  • Opened chests will shrink and disappear, dropping its contents on the ground if the player fails to collect them
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