This article is about loot chests found in the world. For a list of chests obtainable as items, please see Storage.


Chest Location

Chests are randomly-generated chests that can appear scattered around islands, all containing a specific array of items. These items can be plants, clothing, skins, and other items. These chests can provide an alternative means of obtaining these types of items.

Chest MapEdit

The following is a map that takes note of chest locations:

  • Note that the marked chest on the beach North of Kieran is farther South, next to a tiny pool. There is another chest under a rock North East on the same beach. Both chests are close together can be heard at the same time.
Chest Map Main Island

Map LegendEdit

Legend Icon Name Definition
Flat Chest Icon Flat Chest is located on a flat surface, and will be easy to spot or stumble into.
Under Chest Icon Under Chest is located below inside a cave, or under something (such as a rock).
Above Chest Icon Above Chest is located above ground, such as on top of a hill or cliff-side.

See also: Detailed Map of Main Island

How To UseEdit

In order to use the map properly, the map will need to be enlarged. Simply clicking on it should give a decent view of the image in a pop-up. A well sized view of the image can be seen by clicking the small "see full size image" link that appears on the top left of the image pop-up.


  • All chests will newly spawn when the game is first loaded. Exiting and reopening the game from the menu has the same effect.
  • Chests will not always respawn the next day.
  • Some chests may stop spawning entirely if enough in-game days are played in a row. To fix this, exit to the menu and reload.
  • A special sound can be heard when the camera (not player) is near a chest. This sound can be heard when using the Drone Camera.
  • An opened chest will shrink and disappear. If the player fails to collect the items before this happens, the chest will dump its contents into the player's inventory, or on the ground if their inventory is full.
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