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Chickens are breedable farm animals that can be raised from Chicks.

They are the only source for Chicken Eggs, Gold Chicken Eggs, and Feathers.


Chickens can be:

In the Wild[]

Wild and non-player-owned chickens cannot be tamed, but their resources can be collected.

Several can be found on top of the waterfall in the Waterfall Region, on Mr. Jones' and Mr. Mooney's farms, and on Max's island on Kozita.


Chickens will drop 1x Feather, Chicken Egg, Poop, or Gold Poop every morning.



The following achievements are obtained by raising chickens:

Chickens obtained through quest rewards, festival games, or mystery boxes do not count toward these achievements. Only chickens raised by the player from chicks.

Raising 100 Chickens unlocks a 5% chance to spawn the Legendary Chicken mount every day.

Mr. Jones' Chicken Hunt[]

After the Earthquake, Mr. Jones will have a quest called "Who let the chickens out?" in which the player must find his escaped chickens.

They are considered quest items, and will be labeled "Jones' Chicken" in the inventory. Regular chickens cannot be turned in to complete the quest.

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