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A Chicken Coop can be used to raise and display Chicks and Chickens.

It is available to purchase from Frank's Upgrade Table from the beginning of the game, and is the cheapest upgrade at only Coin Icon.png 300.


The Chicken Coop is used to raise Chicks and keep adult Chickens.

Initially, the coop has 3 slots for animals. It can be upgraded twice for a maximum of 9 slots.

Craftable Chicken Coop[]

When the player has fully upgraded the Chicken Coop to the "Larger Coop" (maximum 9 slots), they will receive mail from Mr. Jones containing the blueprint for a craftable Chicken Coop habitat.

The craftable coop can be carried and placed anywhere, making it easier to raise more Chicks at once, as well as to tame the rare Big Chicken wherever it spawns.

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