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Chum is a special bait used to catch rare fish.


The player receives 2x Chum for completing the quest "Chums".

The recipe to craft it is received as a reward for the following quest, "Sea-Why Not".


With at least 1x Chum in the Hotbar, walk up to a body of water and toss it in to create a temporary fishing spot where unique fish can be caught. Use any Fishing Pole in the spot to catch one of the following fish:

Utility FishingFishing PoleFishing BaitChumFishing TrapShellfish TrapShellfish BaitSeaweed Poles
Fish Blue Glow AngelfishBlue JellyfishBlue SnapperBox PufferfishBright DamselCandy BassletClown FishElectric TangEmperor AngelfishFishGold Dipped MollyGold Dust MollyGold FishGold JellyfishMidnight TangPastel ButterflyfishPink JellyfishRainbow JellyfishRainbow Parrot FishRed SnapperRoyal Blue FishSilver Belly MollySilver JellyfishSkeleton FishSmall FishSpotted FishStriped DragonetYellow Angel Fish
Shellfish AbaloneClamMusselOysterScallopShrimpSmall CrabSnail
Other SeaweedPink CoralSoggy PaperOld BottleMessage in a BottleSand DollarWorm