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Coins are the default currency used by the residents of Florens.

The primary way to earn coins is by selling items through the player's shop, but many quests also give coins as completion rewards.


  • Buying upgrades from the Upgrade Table
  • Completing quests that require purchases
  • Mayor Wilson sells Coin Bags, which are a method of turning coins into tradeable items to store in chests or share with other players
  • Festival minigames require coins in order to play

Exchange Rates[]

Coin Icon.png 1,000 coins = 1x Coin Bag.png Coin Bag
Coin Icon.png 10,000 coins = 1x 10k Coin Bag.png 10k Coin Bag
Coin Icon.png 2,500 coins = 1x PumpCoin.png PumpCoin