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"This new island is available at the start when you acquire a wand, head to this island and defeat all the monsters for a huge chest of goodies. While you're here take in the view and collect the many resources that scatter the island." - Jan 26, 2020 Update

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Combat Island

The layout of the island from above

Combat Island

Fight your way through mobs

Combat Island

Battle Rock Mages

Combat Island

Collect resources

Combat Island is a large island area unlocked once the player has obtained the Wand. To reach the island, take the boat by Captain Conrad. Watch out for enemies! Defeat all 20-30 enemies for a chest of random goodies.


  • Objective: defeat or avoid enemies while gathering seasonal flowers, plants, and other resources!
  • Unlike the Dungeon, enemies here do not drop Dungeon Shards nor any other loot. There are no Dungeon Relics available to use.
  • When all enemies are defeated, a large golden chest will drop near where the last enemy was killed. Sometimes a chest may spawn in the water. The contents of this chest are random.
  • Important: Once you leave the island (via the boat where you docked), your enemy count will reset and a new set number of enemies will respawn. Resources on the island will refresh as well.


  • Many seasonal flowers
  • Seasonal crops, e.g. Strawberry may be gathered in Summer
  • Abundant plants for fiber
  • Stone, Flint, and Logs scattered throughout the map
  • Boulders, rocks, and geode rocks
  • Marble


  • If you pass out from exhaustion while on the island, you will awaken on the boat. The enemy count will not be reset, and you may continue your previous run.
  • Leaving and going back to the island can be useful for quickly gathering resources in large amounts, especially if a nearby player home is bought for additional storage space. However, the player will have to kill or avoid all enemies again.
  • If you hire an Assistant for your shop, the Assistant will not sell items while you are on the island.