Cooking is yet another way the player can spend their day - of course, this is assuming if the player has everything they need in order to create something delicious. With a wide stock of vegetables, fish and farm animals, the player has a long range of different recipes and dishes to create. These food items can be used to eat and replenish energy.


Players should be aware that:

  • With the cooking station, the player can que up 10 items to be made.
  • In order to cook fish, the player needs to obtain a Campfire Grill.
  • In order to bake, the player needs to obtain a Stone Oven.
  • In order to make cheese, the player needs to obtain a Churn.

Food ItemsEdit

Fried Egg Fried Duck Egg Fried Golden Egg Fries Yam Fries Dough Filling Strawberry Filling Pumpkin Salad Jellyfish Salad Fancy Jellyfish Salad Mushroom Skewer Scallop Skewer Vegetable Skewer Seafood Platter Cooked Shrimp Sushi Pea Soup Tomato Soup Creamed Corn Fish Stew


  • The Cooking Station was not the first instance of "cooking" in the game, but rather the Campfire Grill.
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