The Cooking Station is a workstation where the player can craft food items.

With the proper ingredients, such as vegetables, fish, or animal products, a wide range of different recipes and dishes becomes available.

Use[edit | edit source]

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Opening the Cooking Station UI will show the player's unlocked food recipes. Some recipes are only earned via quests or other progression milestones.

A recipe can only be used if the proper ingredients are in the player's inventory, so it is useful to have storage chests nearby with commonly-needed ingredients.

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Most recipes use easily-gathered ingredients such as vegetables or fish, but some require ingredients crafted or obtained in other ways:

Cooking[edit | edit source]

The Cooking Station will only only cook one item at a time, but 10 items can be queued at once. Cook times are relatively fast compared to the Stone Oven.

When a dish is finished cooking, an in-game icon of the food will appear above the Cooking Station, up to 10 in a row. The player can retrieve the item(s) by pressing "F" near the station, or by opening the GUI and taking items out manually.

Several items cooked at a Cooking Station are used in Stone Oven recipes, such as Dough or pie fillings.

Food Items[edit | edit source]

Apple PieBlueberry CookieBlueberry DelightBlueberry IceBlueberry LemonadeBlueberry PieBlueberry PopBlueberry SoupBlueberry YogurtBreadCakeCandy AppleCheeseCheese PizzaCherry CheesecakeCherry CookieCherry PieCitrus PieCitrus PuddingCooked ShrimpCreamed CornDandelion TeaDried Angel FishDried DamselDried FishDried Molly FishDried Small FishEgg on BreadFancy Jellyfish SaladFish and LemonFish StewFried Duck EggFried EggFried Golden EggFriesFruit BowlFruit SaladFruit TartFruit YogurtGoat CheeseGoat Cheese PizzaGrilled Angel FishGrilled DamselGrilled FishGrilled MollyGrilled Small FishHoney Lemon BarHoney Milk TeaHoney Oat CookieJellyfish SaladJelly SandwichLemonadeMac and CheeseMelted CheeseMushroom SkewerOrange CustardOrange IceOrange LoafOrange TeaPea SoupPineapple PiePopcornPumpkin PiePumpkin SoupRaspberry DelightRaspberry CookieRaspberry IceRaspberry LemonadeRaspberry PieSaladScallop SkewerSeafood PlatterStrawberry CakeStrawberry IcecreamStrawberry JamStrawberry Lemon TreatStrawberry PieStrawberry TeaSunrise PopSushiTacoTomato LasagnaTomato SoupVegetable SkewerYam Fries
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