The Cooking Station is a workstation where the player can craft food items.

Once the player has collect the proper ingredients, such as vegetables, fish, or animal products, they can create a wide range of different recipes and dishes. These food items can be used to eat and replenish energy, or sold in the player's shop.


The player can queue up 10 items at the Cooking Station, but it will only only cook one at a time. However cook times are relatively fast compared to the Stone Oven.

When a dish is finished cooking, an in-game icon of the food will appear above the Cooking Station, up to 10 in a row. The player can retrieve the item(s) by pressing "F" near the station, or by opening the GUI and taking items out manually.

  • Note: There is currently a visual a bug that causes a 'ghost' version of the item icons to remain above the stove if the player collects the items from inside the GUI. Exiting and reentering the house fixes this.

Players should be aware that some Cooking Station recipes require food items or ingredients crafted or obtained in other ways:

Several items cooked at a Cooking Station are used in Stone Oven recipes, such as Dough or Strawberry Filling.

Food ItemsEdit


  • The Cooking Station is not the first instance of "cooking" in the game. The player first encounters cooking via the Campfire Grill.
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