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The Cosmetic Tool Shop is where players can purchase decorative variations of gold tools. It is run by Cosmo.


In order to unlock the Cosmetic Tool Shop, the player must craft the gold version of all 3 upgradable tools: Axe, Pickaxe, and Fishing Pole. It is not enough to just buy the blueprints or borrow gold tools from another player, they must be crafted.

  • Note: You must craft all silver tools for the Gold Fishing Pole to show up in Beltran's shop.

Once the requirements are met, the Cosmetic Tool Shop will appear on the Upgrade Table the next morning and can be purchased for Coin Icon.png 25,000. Cosmo will move to town the day after.


Two random items are available to purchase each day from the following list:

Image Name Buy Price
Flower Axe.png Flower Axe Coin Icon.png 10,000
Crystal Axe.png Crystal Axe Coin Icon.png 15,000
Ghost Axe.png Ghost Axe Coin Icon.png 10,000
Leaf Axe.png Leaf Axe Coin Icon.png 5,000
Bow Axe.png Bow Axe Coin Icon.png 5,000
Rainbow Poop Axe.png Rainbow Poop Axe Coin Icon.png 25,000
Golden Poop Axe.png Golden Poop Axe Coin Icon.png 25,000
Fire Wings Axe.png Fire Wings Axe Coin Icon.png 7,500
Flower Pickaxe.png Flower Pickaxe Coin Icon.png 10,000
Crystal Pickaxe.png Crystal Pickaxe Coin Icon.png 15,000
Ghost Pickaxe.png Ghost Pickaxe Coin Icon.png 10,000
Flower Watering Can.png Flower Watering Can Coin Icon.png 15,000
Crystal Watering Can.png Crystal Watering Can Coin Icon.png 20,000
Ghost Watering Can.png Ghost Watering Can Coin Icon.png 15,000
Flower Hammer.png Flower Hammer Coin Icon.png 10,000
Crystal Hammer.png Crystal Hammer Coin Icon.png 7,500
Flower Guitar.png Flower Guitar Coin Icon.png 7,500
Crystal Guitar.png Crystal Guitar Coin Icon.png 7,500
Ghost Hoe.png Ghost Hoe Coin Icon.png 10,000
Ghost Sickle.png Ghost Sickle Coin Icon.png 10,000

All cosmetic tools have the same stats as their gold counterparts.