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Crystal Geodes are items that can be broken open to obtain random Gems. They are much rarer than regular Geodes.


Crystal Geode Rocks (object) can be found in 3 locations:

  1. In the Crystal Geode Cave
  2. On the top level inside the Waterfall Cave on the Main Island after completing the "Own a Cave" questline
  3. In the Dungeon


Crystal Geodes can be obtained by:

Geode Delivery[]

After purchasing the rights to the cave under the waterfall ("Own a Cave") and completing the "Waterfall Cave" quest from John Stone, the player will receive a daily delivery of 2x Geodes and 10x Coal. The delivery can be upgraded to include Crystal Geodes.


Crystal Geodes can give the following gems by breaking them on an Anvil. Approximate drop rates are based off 1,700 crystal geodes.

Further into the game, the player will gain access to blueprints for a Geode Processor, which can break up to 50 at a time (one full stack) of Geodes or Crystal Geodes.


The following quests require Crystal Geodes:

AcornAlpaca FiberAmethystAquamarineBee NestBirch WoodBirch Wooden BoardBottleCitrineCoalCopper BarCopper OreCrystal GeodeDelicate FurDiamondDuck FeatherEmeraldFeatherFlintGeodeGlassGold BarGold OreGarnetGold PoopHayLarge Wooden BoardMallard FeatherMarbleMystic QuartzOld BottlePaperPlant FiberPoopQuartzRainbow PoopRopeRubySandSapphireSilver BarSilver OreSnowballStardustStoneTall GrassTree TrunkWoodWooden PoleWooden BoardWool