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Daisy is a common plant available all year round.



Daisies can be obtained in a variety of ways:

  • Gathered in the wild. Daisies are very common and are the first plants the player will encounter.
  • Found as loot in Chests (high chance).
  • Purchased from Elizabeth's Flower Shop.
  • Grown by the player from Daisy seeds by planting them in tilled soil or a planter and watering them.


  • Daisy Seeds can be purchased from Sammy or found as a drop (80% chance) while gathering wild or player-grown Daisy.
  • Using Basic Fertilizer on soil before planting increases the chance of getting 1 seed back when harvesting.
  • Using a Daisy Seed Bundle will guarantee at least 1 seed back.
  • It takes 2 days to grow and produces 2-4 Daisies.


  • One Daisy can be donated to the Museum to complete the Daisy Flower Collection.
  • Daisies are occasionally requested in the Bulletin Board orders.


Daisy or Daisy Seeds are used to craft the following items:


The Daisy Bouquet blueprint is only unlocked after completing the quest "Flower Workbench (Quest)" for Elizabeth. They are crafted on the Flower Workbench using 5x Daisy and 1x Paper.

Daisy Bouquets sell for Coin Icon.png 24 more than their materials (including Paper).


Daisies are used in the following quests:

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