Dandelion is a common plant available during Spring and Summer.


Dandelions can be obtained in a variety of ways:

  • Gathered in the wild. Dandelions can be found during Spring and Summer.
  • Grown by the player from Dandelion seeds by planting them in tilled soil or a planter and watering them.
    • Dandelion Seed can be obtained by gathering a wild Dandelion or purchased from Sammy. It takes 2 days to grow and produces 1-3 Dandelions.
  • Found in a random treasure chest.
  • Purchased from Elizabeth's Flower Shop.


One Dandelion can be donated to the Museum to complete the Dandelion Flower Collection.

Dandelions are occasionally requested in the Bulletin Board orders.


Dandelions can be used to craft a Dandelion Bouquet.


Dandelions are used in the following quest:

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