Dandelion is a common plant available in Spring and Summer on both the Main Island as well as Decorative Islands.

Dandelion is referred to in some quests as "Yellow Dandelion".



Dandelions can be obtained in a variety of ways:


  • The player receives Dandelion Seeds as a reward for some quests ("Meet Sammy", "Flowers")
  • Dandelion Seeds can be purchased from Sammy or found as a drop while gathering wild or player-grown Dandelion.
  • Harvesting Dandelion planted using Basic Fertilizer or with a Dandelion Seed Bundle will guarantee at least 1 seed back along with the plant.
  • It takes 2 days to grow and produces 1-3 Dandelions.



Dandelion Bouquets can be crafted on the Flower Workbench using 5x Dandelion and 1x Paper.

Dandelion Bouquets sell for Coin Icon 24 more than their materials (including Paper).


Dandelions are used in the following quest:

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