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The Decoration Station is a workstation for crafting decorative cakes that can be placed as props.


The Decoration Station can be crafted on a Workbench after purchasing the blueprint from Roman.

Access to the Decoration Station cake recipes requires the workstation blueprint, not just having the station. It is possible to win a Decoration Station in a festival game before unlocking it, but placing and opening the workstation will not show any new crafting recipes until the blueprint is actually purchased.

  • In Fall of Year 4 the player receives 1x Decoration Station from Sadie as a reward for the late-game quest "Best Paws". Like the festival prizes, if the blueprint has not been purchased at this point in the game, the recipes will not be available.


The Decoration Station can be used to craft decorative cakes using Cake, Dyes, and a third ingredient which varies. These cakes cannot be eaten, but can be placed as furniture. They can also be sold for a good amount of coins.


The following items can be crafted at a Decoration Station: