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This map is modified to show key pieces of information that should make it easier to locate and discover things.

Many regions have placeholder names or numbers, which means they may not have a name in the game itself, did not have one when the map was made, or are commonly refered to by that name by players. If an area eventually does get an official name, the map image will be updated.

How To Use

In order to use the map properly, it will need to be enlarged. Simply clicking on it should give a decent view of the image in a pop-up. A much larger sized version can be seen by clicking the "see full size image" link at the top left of the image pop-up.

Map Legend

Key Regions, Notable Regions, Islands, Caves, and NPC locations are marked by colored pins. Locations of loot chests, wild animals, beehives, fruit trees, blueberry bushes, and frequent spawn locations for bubbles and fishing spots are marked by their icons directly on the map.

NPC names are trimmed down to save on space and provide an accurate representation of where someone is. Full names are below. Caves and Decorative Islands are denoted by letter-number abbreviations to save on space as well.

The map breaks down the original in-game map into specific regions:

Player Home Region

The Player's Home is located in the Player Home Region. The area contains the player's house, shop, and farm. The entrance to the Dungeon is also found in the northern part of the region.

Key Regions

Regions where the player will spend a majority of game time:

Notable Regions

Compared to key regions, the player may not be here that often, but there are still reasons to visit:

Outer Islands

Outer Islands, sometimes referred to as "Decorative Islands", are smaller landmasses that surround the Main Island, itself made up of 3 larger connected landmasses. The player can visit them all, but will require a glider, Raft, or bridge building to reach them.

Most of the islands have trees (and some are more eye candy than functional), but some have rare animals or varieties of plants and flowers growing on them that don't appear anywhere on the Main Island, such as colored Hydrangeas or Cosmos. Loot chests can be found on some of these islands as well. See the enlarged map for specific locations.

  • D1 - Decorative Island 1
  • D2 - Decorative Island 2
  • D3 - Decorative Island 3
  • D4 - Decorative Island 4 - a.k.a. "Skunk Island" - (Chest, 1 Skunk, colored Leaf flowers)
  • D5 - Decorative Island 5 - (Chest, 1 Beehive, colored Cosmos and Leaf flowers)
  • D6 - Decorative Island 6 - a.k.a. "Penguin Island" - (Chest, 1 Beehive, Penguins in Winter, Pink/Yellow Hydrangeas)
  • D7 - Decorative Island 7 - a.k.a. "Honey Island" - (2 Beehives, colored Dandelions)
  • D8 - Decorative Island 8 - (Chest)

Cave Locations

Caves can found in certain regions. Most of them are blocked until the player purchases the Miner's Camp upgrade and pays for the miners to clear the entrance:

Local NPCs

Characters who are available to visit at the start of a new game:

Newcomer NPCs

Characters who come to the island through normal game progression - via quests, purchasing upgrades, or after a certain amount of time has passed:

Moved NPCs

Characters who change locations on the island as their questlines are completed:

Seasonal NPCs

Characters who only come to the island in specific seasons:

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