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Dev's Island is a Decorative Island that can be found at far south-eastern part of the world map. The island is densely packed with unique plants, a chest, NPCs, and props. The island is an easter egg, and currently has no purpose other than as a nod to the developers.

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The island and its residents are unmarked on the in-game map, so it is not often visited. Even if you know where it is, reaching the area might seem impossible for players. However there are two notable ways to reach the island:

Method 1: Gliding[]

The player must first meet these requirements:

  • The thorns have been cleared from the Ruins Area, allowing access to the southern part of the area
  • The player has helped Alberto and has acquired a Glider

Glider Method A[]

  1. Jump off the south-eastern part of the Ruins Area using a glider, aiming to reach a rock in the middle of the water.
  2. If you successfully land on the rock, you can use the glider again to travel to the larger Decorative Island 2 (D2 on the map).
  3. Once on Decorative Island 2, Dev's Island can be found around the back of the island, and can be accessed by walking/jumping across a rock pathway.

The following video shows this method more accurately:


Getting to Dev Island

Special thanks to Marleypebble

Glider Method B[]

  1. Take a running jump off the south-eastern part of the Ruins Area to begin your glide, but instead of aiming for the rock, aim for the closest shore of Decorative Island 2.
  2. You will land in the water, but if the glide was long enough (jump off at the last second) you can reach the shore before the swim timer runs out. It may take a few tries, but it is 100% possible.

Method 2: Bridges[]

Alternatively, the player can place wooden platforms and/or wooden ramps to create bridges from surrounding islands to reach the area.

  • This method does not require access to the Ruins Area, but it does allow for a shorter bridge to be built from that location, which would use fewer materials.


The region is isolated but is home to 3 NPCs, named for the developers:

The characters have yet to play any role in the game so far, other than having unique reaction dialogues to the Earthquake event.

You can buy a Guitar from Thiago for Coin Icon.png 10,000

Othala Rune[]

The Othala Rune (pronounced "OH-thall-LA") found on the south-eastern part of the region, along a pathway holds rumors of "something important", as stated by Developer Kristina.

While there are no in-game clues that explain the importance of the rune, there was a reference on Discord in the early stages of the game to the structure being intended as a teleporter to reach the shop/default home location, or as part of a network of teleporters across the islands. The plan may have been dropped for technical reasons, or in favor of prioritizing other aspects of the game.

The rune itself has its own meaning:

  • According to Honor The Roots and other sites, the rune is defined as symbol that depicts "revealing the concepts of ancestral property or inherited property".

In June 2020, some users raised concerns over the symbol's association with hate groups. The developers clarified that they were not aware that it was misappropriated by hate groups and that their knowledge of the symbol's meaning was related to the definition above.


Dev's Island is one of the few places the player can find colored Dandelions.