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Dogs are tameable, breedable animals.


There is currently only one Dog in the wild, in the middle of the corridor-like stretch of land between the Player Home Region and the Ruins Area.

The spot can only be accessed after the Ruins Area is cleared of thorns.

Dog Location SS.jpg
Dog's location (Town Mine is at the top left)

For the specific location, see the Detailed Map.



A Dog can be tamed by petting it for consecutive 5 days (press E when next to it), then leading it back to a Dog House where it can be named.

The Dog House is unlocked by completing the Animal Product Collection in the Museum.


Dogs can be bred in a Breeding Pen after completing Poppy's quest "Treats for Puppers".


A tamed Dog can be placed in the pet slot of the inventory to become a follower.

Dogs in a Dog House or a Plush Dog Bed will drop Wood, Poop, Gold Poop, or Soggy Paper (rare chance) each morning.

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