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Dragons are large animals the player can hatch from Dragon Eggs found on Kozita. When raised to maturity, they can be used as flying mounts.

Dragon Varieties[]

There are 6 base types of Dragons, each with its own subset of different colour morphs. View each type's page for examples.

  • Spring Dragons have a pastel colour scheme, primarily in pinks, greens, and typical "Easter colours".
  • Summer Dragons have a cool-toned colour scheme, in purples, greens, and turquoise.
  • Fall Dragons have a warm-toned colour scheme in Fall colours, in pink, red, orange, and yellow.
  • Winter Dragons have a primarily blue and icy colour scheme.
  • Dark Dragons are black-bodied, with their wings in vibrant jewel tones.
  • Fairy Dragons have iridescent rainbow bodies and wings.

With the exception of the Dark Dragon and Fairy Dragon, their eggs can only be found in nests on Rock Island or Kozita's Mountain Region during their named season. (Dark and Fairy Eggs can be found at any time of year.)

Eggs of any type except for Fairy can be purchased out of season from Mina, for 10x Dragon Statue.png each.

Rainbow Dragons[]

There is a small chance that a rare Black Rainbow Dragon or White Rainbow Dragon will hatch from any coloured egg.

Raising Dragons[]

Raising a dragon from egg to maturity is done in 2 stages:

Egg to Baby[]

A Dragon Egg must be placed in a Hatchery and petted for 14 days. On day 15, it will have hatched into a Baby Dragon.

Baby to Adult[]

Baby Dragons must be fed Dragon Fruit or be cuddled for a further 24 days. On day 25, it will have matured into a full adult Dragon.

Using as Mounts[]

An adult Dragon can be mounted like any other rideable animal. However it has the unique ability to fly for limited stretches of time.

Dragon flying uses the same stamina timer as swimming, but is slightly more forgiving:

  • When actively flying (holding the Jump key/button), the stamina will drain. If you allow it to drain completely, the Dragon will be unable to recover and you will fall to the ground.
  • If you periodically stop holding Jump in midair however, the circle can replenish itself in spurts during controlled falls, making it possible to stay airborne for longer periods.

Inventory Icons[]

Icons for dragons do not appear as the color they may show in the world. The icons are limited to the "base type" of dragon. The only way to see the dragon's actual colouring is to place it in the pet slot or a display/habitat.

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