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Dragon Egg is an item that can be found in nests in the Mountain Region of Kozita.


Dragon Eggs only spawn in the wild in nests on Kozita. Locations are described on the Nest page, and they are marked on the Kozita Detailed Map.

  • Dragon Eggs and the crystal eyes of Dragon Rock Statues will only spawn beginning at 6:20.
  • It is possible to find more than 1 Dragon Egg in a single day.

The only other way to obtain one is by trading 10x Dragon Statues to Mina on a day she is offering a Dragon Egg.

Egg Colours[]

There are 6 types, which spawn at various times of the year depending on the season:

  • Spring Dragon Eggs are pink, and only spawn in the wild during Spring
  • Summer Dragon Eggs are green, and only spawn during Summer
  • Fall Dragon Eggs are orange, and only spawn during Fall
  • Winter Dragon Eggs are blue, and only spawn during Winter
  • Dark Dragon Eggs are black, and can spawn at any time of year
  • Fairy Dragon Eggs (aka Pastels Dragon Eggs) are iridescent rainbow, and can spawn at any time of year

Hatching Eggs[]

When placed in a Hatchery and petted for 14 days, it will hatch into a Baby Dragon.

A hatched Baby Dragon will have a randomly-chosen colour scheme from a list specific to that egg's seasonal color palette. See individual dragon pages for examples. There is a very rare chance that any colour of Dragon Egg can hatch a white or black Rainbow Dragon.

The hatchling's colour scheme is determined on loading of the game, so it is possible to exit and reload multiple times until you get the specific colour you want.


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