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Wiki Help Icon.png Dragon Statue shares an in-game name with Dragon Statue (Item). This page concerns the statues that can be found hidden around Kozita and function as currency.

Dragon Statues are special treasure hunt items that can be found hidden in various locations around Kozita, primarily around Rock Island and the Mountain Region.

They are not placeable items, but a form of currency that can be traded for dragon-themed decorations.


Dragon Statues will not initially spawn anywhere on Kozita. The player must first:

  1. Help the Druid remove the thorns surrounding Kozita's main island
  2. Progress the miners' quests on Rock Island
  3. Speak to Mina about dragons


After talking to Mina about them, 20 statues will spawn in random locations. The locations will not change until Spring 1 of the following year, when the set of 20 refreshes in new spots.

Choosing the dialogue option "Ask about statues" will have Mina tell the player how many of the 20 statues are left to find for that year.

Dragon Statues emit a bell/jingling sound when the camera is nearby, similar to Loot Chests. This is important if you are hunting statues, because some can spawn inside rocks or trees.

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Warning! The following section(s) may contain spoilers. If you have not progressed very far into the game yet, proceed with caution.

Statue Locations[]

Only 20 Dragon Statues spawn on Kozita per in-game year, but there are many possible spawn points. Those that do spawn are available to find all year long, in any weather.

Map of known statue locations (may be incomplete):

Kozita Dragon Statue Map.png
If you find a statue not on this map, let us know in the Garden Paws Discord!

Statue Trading[]

Dragon Statues can be traded to Mina for various dragon-related items, or Jasper for the Gem Pillar or Resource Bag:

Dragon Statue item collection

Item Name Buy Price
Dragon Egg Green.pngDragon Egg Pink.pngDragon Egg Orange.png
Dragon Egg Blue.pngDragon Egg Black.png
Dragon Egg
(Random egg type, except for Fairy)
10x Dragon Statue.png
Dragon Habitat.png Dragon Habitat 20x Dragon Statue.png
Dragon Statue.png Dragon Statue
(Random gem colour)
5x Dragon Statue.png
Dragon Rock Statue.png Dragon Rock Statue 3x Dragon Statue.png
Dragon Stone Fountain.png Dragon Stone Fountain 10x Dragon Statue.png
Dragon Statue Chest.png Dragon Statue Chest 15x Dragon Statue.png
Dragon Egg Fake Stone.png Dragon Egg (Fake) 1x Dragon Statue.png
Dragon Gem Pillar.png Gem Pillar 1x Dragon Statue.png
Geode Resource Bag.png Geode Resource Bag 1x Dragon Statue.png

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