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The Duck Pond Region lies between the Waterfall and Forest Region[1]. It is hilly, and open to the few wildlife and NPCs that call it home. The area is distinguished by the duck pond in the area.

Duck Pond Region

See Also: Detailed Map of Main Island


The region is home to:



  • TR - Thorne - Can be found in the northern part of the region
  • RB - Robert - Can be found in the north-western part of the region
  • FL - Flo - Can be found in front of their house during some of Robert's quests


The region has notable place(s) for the player to visit:

Chest LocationsEdit

Three Chests can be found in the region:

  1. Inside Duck Pond Cave (access requires purchasing the Miner's Camp upgrade)
  2. On a lily pad at the north end of the river west of Wheat Isle
  3. Under a rock near a tree overlooking the lake in #2


  1. These are all placeholder names, and may change in the future.
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