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Dung Beetles are tameable insects that can be found in the wild. 

They function as "collector" animals, but only when placed in a Dung Beetle Habitat.


Six different colored Dung Beetles can be found in the Bear Cave in the Forest Region.

See the Detailed Map for the specific location. 


Dung Beetles can be tamed by feeding them Beetle Feed for 10 consecutive days and bringing them to a Dung Beetle Habitat.

They can be named once they enter the habitat for the first time. They cannot be renamed after they are tamed.


A Dung Beetle placed in a Dung Beetle Habitat will gather the following daily drops from any animals within range. It also has a chance to produce Basic Fertilizer, which it will also pick up:

Collected items can be accessed by opening the habitat.

Legendary Beetle[]

After taming 50 Dung Beetles, the player will receive the mail "Halfway To Gold" from Mr. Mooney, mentioning the Legendary Gold Beetle mount.

After taming 100 Dung Beetles, the player will receive the mail "Legendary Beetle", and starting the next day there will be a 1% chance for it to spawn each morning somewhere on the Outer Islands.


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