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Dung Beetle Habitat can be used to tame and display Dung Beetles.


The Dung Beetle Habitat will not be available until 100x Poop has been collected. The player will receive the Too much poop? Mail, which includes blueprints for the Dung Beetle Habitat and Beetle Feed.


Placing a Dung Beetle Habitat will initially show a green ring on the ground indicating the range of the collection ability[1]. Grass might need to be turned off in settings to see the ring more clearly.

A Dung Beetle in the habitat will collect all poop dropped by animals within its range. Collected items can be accessed by opening the habitat.


  • Dung Beetles can not be renamed once they are in a Dung Beetle Habitat. They are only nameable during the initial taming when they first reach the habitat.
  1. It is currently not possible to place a habitat inside the Bear Cave. Instead, the player can place a habitat right outside the cave mouth and lead the beetles to it there.

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