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The Dungeon is where players can engage in combat with various enemy creatures and collect special loot found nowhere else in the game.

Dungeon Cave Entrance

Dungeon Shop

Buy unique items at the Dungeon Shop!

Collect Loot

Beat enemies to collect shards and chests!

Dungeon Master

Master combat with your wand and tame enemies as you explore!


In order to gain access to the Dungeon, the player must first speak to Hash and complete a series of instructive quests beginning with "Guildmaster".

Entering the cave doorway across from Hash can lead to different places depending on what the player last did inside:

  • If the player never visited the Dungeon before, they will enter an entrance chamber lobby
  • If the player has visited the Dungeon and played at least past level 1, a prompt will show the next time the Dungeon is entered, asking if the player wishes to continue where they left off.

The clock does not progress in the Dungeon itself, but entering will "cost" exactly 3 hours of daytime. The time skip goes into effect once you enter, and the 3 hours will be lost no matter how long is actually spent in the dungeon. So if you enter at 14:00 for example, it will be 17:00 both inside the dungeon as well as when you exit, even if you spend an entire IRL day inside.

Beetle Black.png Warning: Since time is automatically skipped ahead when entering the dungeon, it is not recommended to enter the dungeon any time after 20:50. Players have reported a variety of bugs and glitches both inside the dungeon as well as upon exiting, since the clock in the dungeon will be past the 'passing out' transition time (23:50).

There is a special storage chest next to Hash. It shares inventory with similar chests on all Dungeon Shop levels, and can be used to offload extra inventory or loot items to free up space.

Dungeon Levels[]

Level numbers begin at 1 and can go well past 100, cycling through elemental themes every 10 levels: Rock, Ice, Desert, Forest, and Lava

Dungeon level layouts are procedurally generated, so it is possible to find yourself stuck in a level with no access to a door. Exiting and reentering will generate a new layout.

Saving Level Progress[]

Leaving the Dungeon by doorway automatically saves where you left off, with 2 important exceptions:

  • Leaving in the middle of a level will not save completion of that level, even if all enemies are dead. It will only remember levels up to the current one, which will have to be repeated. To save the level you just completed, descend to the next level and then exit again before fighting anything.
  • Leaving from a Boss level or Dungeon Shop level is bugged at the moment, and may reset your entire level progress to 0, erasing any gains and Relics obtained. To get around this, move to the next combat level before exiting.

Difficulty Level[]

Activating Hard Mode
Activating Hard Mode

There is a secret "Hard Mode" players can turn on to provide more of a challenge.

How to activate: Before you enter into any level from the entrance chamber lobby, there is a set of blue mushrooms on the wall. Hit all the mushroom in order from the smallest to the biggest. You will see red glowing eyes to let you know hard mode has been activated.

This mode decreases your maximum health from 250 to 100 and makes mobs more aggressive - but you get double loot from every kill.


Hash will provide the player with a basic Wand, which will be the player's sole method of attack while in combat. There is a stronger version of the Wands are called an Ice Wand, which does 3 more points of base damage, a Fire Wand and a Sword, which does 5 more points of base damage.

Wands deal less damage the further you are from an enemy. So while attacking from farther away is possible, it will take longer to complete levels.

Combat Tips[]

Dungeon combat can be difficult to get the hang of, especially for players with little to no experience with ranged fighting. But here are some quick beginner tips to hopefully make it a little easier:

  • Don't rush enemies. Snipe them from as far away as possible. The Wand has a limited range, but it's still pretty long. You do less damage from far away, but it will be easier to dodge attacks or avoid them entirely.
  • Go for one mob at a time. Two or more can be very difficult to juggle if you're not a ranged combat fan.
  • Aim for the closest enemy. Sometimes enemy paths will cross each other, and you don't want to aggro other mobs by accident. Watch their movement patterns and attack when they are furthest from other mobs.
  • Keep up a constant barrage at the same enemy (i.e. hold down the attack button). This will keep the mob "stun-locked", and they will not be able to move forward. If the stun-lock breaks, try and reestablish it before they get too close.

For an in depth overview, see Combat FAQs.


Every combat level features a few groups of elemental mobs that match the level's theme, and one Ritual. There are only 2 types of mobs at the moment, a basic one with physical and jump attacks and one with magical ranged attacks.

The player will encounter enemies according to the theme of that Dungeon level.

All mobs in a level are linked to Mob Spawners, which look like stone disks on the ground. There are about 3-4 in every level. Each Spawner will send out a limited number of mobs before it is destroyed, so don't worry about unlimited enemies coming after you. Destroying a Mob Spawner spawns a loot chest in its place.


Rituals are the tall glowing stone monoliths with runes etched in the side. Destroying them is the main goal for each level.

When attacked, Rituals shoot out concentric circles of fireballs. The frequency of the fireballs is directly related to the speed and angle of your attacks, so it is possible to time them for easier maneuvering. They also don't move very fast, and are easy to jump over or dodge from a moderate distance.

Destroying a Ritual spawns a large loot chest and unlocks progress to the next level.


Rock Mage Boss.png

Every 10 elemental levels is followed by a boss level. The boss mob is a large-sized variation of the mage enemy of the same elemental type.

Bosses have their own special attacks, and spawn waves of smaller mobs to attack. There are different strategies for defeating bosses, depending on play style.

Items and Loot[]

Certain items are unique to the Dungeon, and cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game. These items can drop from enemies, be found in Dungeon loot chests, Dungeon Boxes, or Dungeon Bags, or purchased from the Dungeon Shop.

Dungeon Shards[]

Dungeon Shard.png

Dungeon Shards are the currency used in the Dungeon Shop, and are the most frequent drop. Every mob you kill, ritual you destroy, or chest you open in the Dungeon will drop a number of Dungeon Shards.

You can visit Hash outside the Dungeon to exchange Dungeon Shards for Coins.

Dungeon Relics[]

Dungeon Relics are buff items that the player can find while looting chests or enemy drops. They must be in the hotbar to use, and provide bonuses only while the player is inside the Dungeon. They disappear from the inventory once outside the Dungeon.

For more information on specific buffs, see Dungeon Relics.

Healing Items[]

Taming Wands[]

Once you reach Dungeon levels 11 and 21, you unlock Hash's quests for the Taming Wand and Ice Taming Wands.

A mob hit by a Taming Wand will disappear from the world and turn into an item in the player's inventory. It can then be placed in the pet slot or an Animal Display.


Shards & Crystals[]

Gem Shards can be combined in a Jewellery Workbench to create Gems. Glass, Ice, and Fire Shards are used in other crafting recipes.

Item Drops By Level[]

The following information was provided by the devs:

10-19 Dungeon item: Ice Shard, Cubice
A bit of everything lower tier meaning glass shards, ferns, pink petals, copper.
20-29 Dungeon item: Desert Snail, Desert Crystal
Has all base items including a chance for chicks and a high chance for geodes.
30-39 Dungeon item: Peridot, Peridot Flower
Mainly drops geodes, pyrite, copper and silver.
40-49 Dungeon item: Fire Shard, Amber, Fire Crystal
Mainly drops geodes and ores including crystal geodes.
50-59 Dungeon item: Dungeon Flower
Drops many dungeon flowers, with some "common" items and chicks.
60-69 Dungeon item: Ice Shard, Cubice, Crystal Cluster
Drops glass, glass shards, crystal geodes.
70-79 Dungeon item: Prism Shard, Desert Snail, Prism Crystal
Mainly drops geodes, silver and gold ore.
80-89 Dungeon item: Earth Prism, Earth Cluster
Main drops are ores and geodes including a high rate for crystal geodes.
90-99 Dungeon item: Fire Droplet, Fire Crystal
These floors mainly drop geodes and ores.

Each dungeon floor will get better loot drops on the later floors, (floor 39 will drop more silver than floor 31). Almost all floors also have a chance to drop dungeon boxes, coin bags, etc.

Beetle Black.png Known Bugs and Issues[]

There are still many players who experience full game crashes while playing in the Dungeon, often while moving from one level to another. In order to minimize the risk of this happening, it is recommended to either

  1. Play one or two levels at a time in the morning and exit to continue playing on the Main Island, or
  2. Bring a bed to the Dungeon and sleep after completing levels.

Dungeon Gem Shards
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