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This guide is geared toward players new to the Dungeon, or who just want to read up on the basics. It is not a walkthrough, but more of a series of tips and tricks from players who have experience with successful Dungeon runs.

The information below is gathered with help from the Garden Paws community. If you'd like to contribute, feel free to edit the page or leave a comment.

For a video introduction, check out Unkn0wn_t0_all's Garden Paws Dungeon Guide for Beginners.

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  • The dungeon is a great way to get large amounts of coal and geodes in early game.
  • Save loot such as Dungeon Dust and Dungeon Stone. They are required for many Dungeon Workbench recipes.
  • If you die in the dungeon, you will be sent back to the entrance in the cave. You will keep all your loot you found inside.
  • The Dungeon normally takes 3 hours out of the game, but if you enter at 20:00, it will be the same time when you exit. This is risky however, because if you crash you will lose your dungeon progress, as well as anything you accomplished in the world that day.
  • After level 10, if you re-enter later levels from the lobby (which requires paying a fee), you will start with a random set of relics.
  • When you reach level 100, Hash will give you the Dungeon Coat and Hat, along with a Dungeon Orb that allows teleportation to the Dungeon interior (door selection) from anywhere in the world.
  • Outside the dungeon there is a box next to Hash that allows you to trade Dungeon Shards for Coins, however it is recommended to save the shards for purchasing rarer items in the Dungeon Shop.
  • The dungeon must be completed if you want to complete two of the dungeon-related display cases in the Museum. The only alternative is to trade with other players for the items you need.

Dungeon Shop[]

  • After reaching level 11, you can pay Coin Icon.png 500 to visit the Dungeon Shop (the ice door straight to the right) from inside the Dungeon lobby.
  • Reloading the game changes what is available in the shop, even if you enter on the same day.
  • One of the more profitable items you can buy from the shop is Mystic Quartz Shards, which can be used to craft expensive items at a Jewellery Workbench.

Combat Tips[]

Fighting Mobs[]

  • Sniping (shooting and killing 1 enemy at a time from far away before they can reach you) is a good way to start in the dungeon.
  • Once you shoot an enemy, it will permanently target you no matter how far away you run, so it is best to kill one at a time anyway.
  • Check around you before you start shooting, and watch where you aim. A different mob may walk into your shot, and then you will be fighting 2 or more instead of 1.
  • Rock Mobs: Shoot a Rock Mob once, then back off and wait for it to chase you. When you are far enough away, shoot from a safe distance and run again if it gets too close. Don't try to fight Rock Mobs near Mages, in case you shoot one accidentally.
  • Defeated Rock Mobs may do a final jump-stomp at you, which can cause some heavy damage. Be sure to move away right after killing one.

Spawn Points[]

  • Enemy spawn points look like stone circles on the ground. They are activated by proximity, or by shooting the monster attached/assigned to it.
  • Initially only 1 or 2 mobs patrol a spawn point, but it can spawn 1-5 monsters, possibly more.
  • As soon as you attack lone mob near a spawn point, more mobs will spawn from it. Try to shoot the lone mob first, then run to a safe distance away before aggroing the other mobs.
  • Mobs spawned from a spawn point are not infinite. Eventually they will stop spawning, and the spawn point will turn into a loot chest.

Fighting Bosses[]

  • Mouse and keyboard is recommended.
  • Keep moving. Never stay still, even if you have a Turtle Pin. Move around the boss in a wide circle, always aiming at the boss/mobs.
  • When the boss spawns mobs, try to take out the mobs first. Don't let them back you into a corner.
  • Don't kill the boss near a wall or the stairs. You might not be able to reach loot if it clips into the cave rock.
  • Relics increasing your damage are the most helpful. Speed in a Bottle also helps a great deal, making it easier to avoid the boss. Just don't accidentally run into the mobs.
  • After beating the boss, always kill off any mobs remaining before you exit through the door, or the level won't be fully completed.


  • Rituals (the tall obelisks with runes) shoot out 1 ring of red orbs every time they are hit. The orbs emerge at the same angle they are shot at, so it is possible to dodge or jump over them if timed right.
  • Aim at the base of a Ritual, as low as you can. This way you can see an orb coming directly at you which you can quickly dodge or jump over.

Hard Mode[]

  • Activating Hardcore Mode

    To switch from regular to Hardcore Mode, enter the lobby (the first room with a lot of doorways) and shoot the mushrooms across from the the level 1 door from smallest to largest (see animated image).
  • Hardcore mode decreases your maximum health from 250 to 100 and makes mobs more aggressive, but you get double loot from every kill.


  • Relics do not remain in your inventory when you are outside the dungeon. They will return the next time you enter, but only if you start from the level you left off at.
  • They also cannot be stored in the shop dungeon chests that share inventory.
  • Recommended relic sets:
  • Damage Combo: Monster Coin, Turtle/Feather/Heart Pin, Meteor Pin
  • Protection Combo: Absorption Gem, Conversion Gem, Spiky Gem, Lucky Amulet
  • Heart Pin is one of the more powerful relics, as long as you can avoid getting hit.
  • Most Relics can be stacked to increase their effects considerably.
  • Stacking enough Absorption Gems will make you practically invincible.
  • Least useful relics: Heart Amulet, Pin of Rage, Explosion Gem.

Multiplayer Dungeon Runs[]

  • If someone dies in combat, there is a glowing Revive Urn near the entrance to the next level. Walk up to the urn and press E. You must be standing still for it to work.
  • Entering the next level will also revive any dead players.
  • When shooting at a Ritual in multiplayer, try to find an elevated position to avoid the red orbs. Be especially careful, since the more players shooting the same ritual, the more red orbs shoot out of it.

Other Stuff[]

Known Bugs[]

  • Enemies will sometimes clip into the wall or ceiling, but they can still be shot through the rock if you can determine where they are. When you hit them they will come out of the wall to chase you.
  • The Dungeon Coat is currently bugged and will show a visual distortion if worn by a dragon character.

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