Dungeon Relics are items the player can find in the Dungeon that provide buffs when placed in the hotbar.


Dungeon Relics are only available while in the Dungeon.

  • They cannot be taken out of the Dungeon like shards or other items.
  • They will disappear when the player leaves, and - if they were in your hotbar and you have space in your inventory for them - return when the player continues the same Dungeon run.
  • Starting a new Dungeon run from level 1 will erase any Relics found during the last run.

Relic ListEdit

Below the list of currently available relics.

All Relics stack, except for Life in a Bottle.

Name Image Effect
Monster Coin Relic ExtraDamage Increase Damage + 10.
Moon Gem Relic DDmgLowHp Double Damage when you have less than 25% health.
Turtle Pin Relic ExtDmgStanding Deal more damage when standing still.
Attack Feather Relic ExtDmgJumping Deal more damage when shooting from the air.
Life in a Bottle Relic Resurrect Ressurect once when killed.
Shards in a Bottle Relic DropMoreShards Extra dungeon shard drops.
Explosion Gem Relic EnemyExplode Enemies have a chance of exploding when killed.
Lucky Amulet Relic BlockDmg 15% chance to block incoming damage.
Speed in a Bottle Relic RunFaster Run Faster.
Heart Pin Relic DDmgFullHealth Double Damage when you have 100% health
Heart Amulet Relic HealMore Healing Orbs are more effective on you.
Absorption Gem Relic HitHeal Dealing damage heals for 1 health per hit.
Conversion Gem Relic KillHeal Heal when you kill an enemy.
Spiky Gem Relic MoreCritHealOnCrit Increase chance to do critical damage.
Heal when you do critical damage.
Pin of Rage Relic MoreCritLessHeal Increase Critical Chance but heal less.
Meteor Pin Relic MoreCritMoreDmg Increase Critical Chance and Damage.

Recommended Relic CombinationsEdit

  • Damage: Relic ExtraDamageRelic DDmgLowHpRelic ExtDmgStandingRelic ExtDmgJumpingRelic DDmgFullHealth
  • Healing: Relic HitHealRelic KillHealRelic MoreCritHealOnCritRelic BlockDmg
  • Crit Heal: Relic MoreCritHealOnCritRelic MoreCritMoreDmgRelic DDmgFullHealth

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