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Dungeon Workbench is a workstation that allows the player to craft items from Dungeon materials.

There is a usable Dungeon Workbench on each Dungeon Shop level in the Dungeon.


In order to craft a Dungeon Workbench, the player must first purchase the Blueprint from Roman.


A Dungeon Workbench can be crafted on a Workbench from 10x Dungeon Stone, 10x Clay, and 10x Dungeon Shrooms. It can be a difficult item to make, because the drop rate for Clay in the Dungeon is low.

It is possible to win a Dungeon Workbench in a Festival game as well, effectively surpassing the material requirements.


The following recipes can be accessed from the Dungeon Workbench. Not all will be available from the beginning, as some recipes must be unlocked via progressing through Dungeon levels or completing quests for Hash.

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