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Dyeing Station is a workstation used to color various items using dyes.


The Dyeing Station does not have an interface. Instead the player must hold the items to be used and press E near the station, similar to using the Starduster.

To dye an item:[]

  1. Place the item to be dyed.
  2. Place the colored dye.
  3. An in-game preview will appear on the mannequin, showing what the item will look like if that dye is used.
    Dye Station Purple Guitar.png
  4. Options will appear to either pick up the dye again, or apply the dye to the item.
  • Picking up the dye removes it from the station, and you can place a different color.
  • Applying the dye will consume the dye and color the item, which can then be taken from the station and equipped.

A Water Bucket is required to remove dye from an item. The water bucket is placed on the Dyeing Station together with the item, and is applied the same way as dye.

Dyable Items[]

The following items can be dyed at a Dyeing Station:

Some items only have certain parts that can be dyed (such as the handle part of a tool), while the rest remains the original color.


  1. Animals dyed with a dying station will only show their dyed color in the world while in the follower/pet slot. If placed in a habitat or Animal Display, they will show as their original color.