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Dyes are special crafting materials needed for item customization.

They are primarily used for:

To remove color from a dyed item, place it in a Dyeing Station along with a Water Bucket.

Types of Dyes[]

There are three types of dyes: two solid colour sets and a handful of patterns:

The default dye set can be crafted (see below), and gives items bright primary colours.

Void and patterned dyes can only be purchased from Malu for Coin Icon.png 500 after completing the quest "Dyeing for a Shop". Void dyes come in the same colours as regular dyes except black, and give items a darker metallic look.

Galaxy, Waterfall, and Water dyes give items special patterns.


Crafting dyes first requires a Paint Station. The Paint Station Blueprint is available from Roman for Coin Icon.png10,000.

Almost all craftable dyes require colored Dandelions as an ingredient. Rare-colored Dandelions can only only be found on the Outer Islands. Honey Island (see: Detailed Map) is recommended, as it spawns the most variety of colors throughout the year. It is also the easiest to reach using only a glider.

Each dye requires one Bottle and one colored Dandelion, with the exception of Black Dye, which takes Coal. Bottles can be smelted in a Stone Furnace using Glass, or crafted from an Old Bottle.

Colors and Materials[]

Dye Color Image Ingredients
Black Dye Dye Black.png 1xBottle.png2xCoal.png
White Dye Dye White.png 1xBottle.png1xWhite Dandelion.png
Red Dye Dye Red.png 1xBottle.png1xRed Dandelion.png
Orange Dye Dye Orange.png 1xBottle.png1xOrange Dandelion.png
Yellow Dye Dye Yellow.png 1xBottle.png1xDandelion.png
Green Dye Dye Green.png 1xBottle.png1xGreen Dandelion.png
Blue Dye Dye Blue.png 1xBottle.png1xBlue Dandelion.png
Purple Dye Dye Purple.png 1xBottle.png1xPurple Dandelion.png
Pink Dye Dye Pink.png 1xBottle.png1xPink Dandelion.png